Wellness On Tap


Holistic Supportive Therapy

Are you struggling with a chronic illness? Do you feel like there’s something missing from your treatment? Would you like to boost your recovery?

A holistic approach that offers complementary, energy based techniques, is one of the most effective methods of activating your body’s natural potential for healing. This is because a holistic approach goes beyond symptoms and treats the whole person rather than just the part that’s not working.

All of our parts are intricately woven together and work with each other for the health of our whole being. At the center of this process is the mind—our thoughts and emotions— which has a powerful influence on everything from how much sleep we get to the growth and function of our cells.

What we believe, think and feel has a significant impact on how we develop and recover from illness. Learning how to cultivate a wellness state of mind can have a profound impact on the body’s ability to generate healing and respond to treatment.

Learn how you can identify and release the core issues that create the painful emotional states and negative thinking patterns that cause chronic stress, undermine healing and prevent recovery.

Get the support you need to:

  • Break the cycle of chronic stress
  • Stimulate healing
  • Restore and balance vital energy
  • Strengthen relationships affected by illness
  • Create a nurturing and healing environment
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Strategize treatment