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Scientific advances revealing the molecular mechanisms bridging the mind-body connection necessitate a change in our traditional views of biology and psychology. For more than 15 years, psychotherapist and registered nurse Anita Bains has been a leader in introducing this new science into her practice. Ms. Bains’ blending of traditional with non-traditional psychotherapies provides innovative and effective mind-body techniques that remove psychological and emotional blocks to well being. Anita shares this practical knowledge by teaching others easy to learn and innovative techniques that assist them to achieve a life that works for them. Her presentation on the “Power of Belief” is an informative and entertaining introduction to the healing power of complementary therapies.

— Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, Cell Biologist, Lecturer and Author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

“I had worked 5 years in a job where I was very underpaid and not using my unique skills. Logically I knew it was time to leave, but I felt terrified about leaving. I had to make a quick decision because I was offered another job that paid a lot more money and where I would be able to use my clinical skills. In one session Anita was able to help me understand where the fear was coming from and overcome the fear. She did this by using some of the “power therapy techniques.”

— Nancy G., Social Worker and creative artist.

I met Anita two years ago during a very difficult time in my life. I was in a very painful situation which was affecting all areas of my life, including, but not limited to manifesting physical symptoms. I remember vividly the discomfort, which felt like someone was standing on my chest and I could only take small, short breaths. After only a few visits I was able to release this pain and start thinking clearly. My life today is exactly as I choose it. Thank you, Anita.

— WP, Minister Counselor – Commercial Affairs and single mother of five

I would like to relate my enthusiasm about using the emotional freedom technique along with affirmations. I came to Anita recently for one session. My intention was to find out what I could do to increase my ability to support my husband through his PTSD issues. Although my husband and I came together, Anita asked me to work on one of my issues during the session, explaining that my husband could benefit as well by working along with the process. My issue, a family dispute that has been threatening my future financial security, caused me tremendous emotional stress and migraines over the past two years while I was completing an intense masters program. I could not see a way to remedy the situation with my family member, despite my numerous efforts to solve the problem. During the tapping, I thought little could be done to shift my feelings of powerlessness, and I had no expectations that any shift could occur.

However, when Anita asked me an afformation, a positive question about the outcome we want to get, e.g., “How can I be open to finding a new way to solve this problem?” I felt a sudden relief, the first relief I have had from the pain of this situation in over two years. She later explained to me that the tapping clears away blocks; then, the afformation replaces the previously held negative belief. The next day, I found a different way to approach the issue of protecting my financial inheritance which bypassed the need for agreement from the uncooperative family member. It appears that there will be a solution. I am amazed that one session of this work facilitated such a powerful shift for me.

— D.G., Masters in Student Education

“I really appreciate the great results I’ve gotten out of my work with Anita Bains. I have found that she can quickly and easily pinpoint the issue that is in my way, and work with me to create new possibilities of action that get immediate results. My business has doubled in a few months out of my work with Anita.

— J. R., CPA

“Something wonderful happened after my work with Anita. I found that my [inner] tapes no longer played out in the same way. I would start the old thought process of self-deprecation in some form or another and mid way my brain would just stop as if it forgot what it was going to say. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get the tape to start playing out negatively again. Instead I heard these new thoughts. Gentle, kind thoughts such as “No honey, we don’t do that anymore, remember? It’s not true that you are this or that, (not good enough… ugly… fat… dumb)…you’re not those things, never have been. We don’t do that anymore, we’ve moved on. So let’s go… what’s next?I have to admit, sometimes I go to the tapes and they are not there and for a moment I am lost. I wonder what am I going to do with myself now? If I can’t make my self miserable at this most appropriate moment then what am I to do? Be happy? Move on? Make a different choice? Do something fun? Laugh? How liberating it is to finally be clear about what is true and false in my head and have so many wonderful choices.”

This is just the beginning. Thank you ever so much Anita…..I have flowers in my brain every day because of you!!!!!

— B. T.

When life was falling apart and I was at a loss for how to proceed, I met Anita. Although I was skeptical of how she could help, I hoped the type of change she described could occur. Not only did change happen, but it was immediate and enduring. The remarkable difference between how I felt before and after an appointment kept me coming back. Within a mere hour, I felt lighter, safer, happier, or more assured. Over time, this difference diminished, but evidently due to the lasting positive gains. Now I not only feel better, but I feel more. I feel more of who and where I really am. Anyone can benefit from what Anita offers. Who doesn’t want to feel better, and so quickly?

— J. K.

Anita’s creative energy is pure magic. She has an impressive breath and depth of knowledge and experience in both traditional and innovative therapy. Anita has a marvelous ability to listen carefully; quickly grasping the essence of my problems, and teaching me techniques to resolve them. Her medical background is very helpful in working with my health issues. In a single session I have made faster progress than in a comparative session of traditional therapy. Although this is the worst time in my life, thanks to Anita, I am the happiest I have ever been!

— S. B.

Anita Bains has mastered the art of ‘tapping’ but she brings an uncommon intuition to it that reveals hidden layers that have lain dormant for many years. I am always astounded by the way a session with her about a seemingly superficial issue leads to deep rooted realisations based in childhood misconceptions. In one half an hour session which began with my fear around a writing deadline led to the realization that I had always held myself back from success due to my mother’s sense of competition with me as a child. I could not afford to be successful because my child’s mind equated that with losing my mother’s love. The deep grief I experienced in that session about both my mother and also all the lost opportunities in my life was so healing. It cleared my fear of being successful. Thank you, Anita!

— N. G., Writer

My sessions with Anita were truly amazing! Every session made me feel free and gave me a deeper understanding of who I truly am. I am so grateful for her patience, love and kindness. For a long time I just felt unhappy but could not exactly understand what was wrong until I met Anita and started to peel away the layers of trauma that I had buried in my sub-conscious and never even knew existed. Anyone would greatly benefit from working with her and as I did and begin to release all limiting beliefs! Anita makes you realize that you can live a life that is authentic, powerful and your own.

— Zena Duze, Executive Director for The Lotus World Institute

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Anita Bains, MS, RN

Anita Bains (licensed and certified advanced practice registered nurse) is a dynamic, creative and client-centered psychotherapist who uses a unique and holistic approach that incorporates alternative and complementary therapies.

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