Lyme Disease Recovery

Yes, recovery from Lyme disease is possible! I am fortunate to have recovered, and I have supported others through their recovery too.

When Lyme disease becomes chronic and the symptoms don’t make sense, it’s difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. Current tests are not reliable, and physicians are often confused and in disbelief when patients describe their condition. Too often it happens that the disease continues to progress unabated as a person goes from one doctor to the next with no relief.

There is hope! Contact and learn how you can:

  • Cultivate a wellness state of mind that promotes healing
  • Reduce inflammation and pain caused by chronic stress
  • Heal from the trauma of misdiagnosis and treatment failure
  • Develop an effective personalized plan of care
  • Strengthen relationships strained by Lyme
  • Increase resilience
  • Nurture and sustain your own recovery

Lyme: A Complex, Controversial and Very Real Illness

Let’s start with the fact that for nearly 100 million years Lyme spirochetes have been engaged in altering and perfecting their structure so that they can survive nearly anything. Spirochetes are hardy, adaptable and able to attach themselves to cell tissue. They can also carry any number of bacteria. This is why people who get Lyme disease are subject to so many different types of co-infections.

Sometimes people know when they’ve been bitten by a tick or other Lyme disease-carrying insect — and sometimes they don’t. The bull’s-eye rash that so many of us recognize as a tell-tale sign of a tick bite occurs less than 50% of the time. So we can be bitten and not even know it. The longer a person goes without treatment, the greater opportunity the spirochetes and their bacteria have to settle into the host body’s tissues.

Diagnosing Lyme is difficult not only because of a lack of accurate testing and the controversy that surrounds the illness, but because it is so good at imitating other illnesses. While some good progress has been made in better understanding this complex disease, medical practitioners and insurance providers remain well behind the curve in making effective diagnosis and treatment accessible to those who have chronic Lyme disease.

How easy it is to become discouraged and lose hope when each day brings another level of pain and uncertainty. How frustrating and hurtful it can be when cognitive impairment and emotional upheaval brought on by inflammation of the brain is misdiagnosed as mental illness. And it doesn’t help either that most insurance companies don’t cover the extended number of visits required for effective treatment.

The Lyme Disease Workbook

There is hope!

Researchers and practitioners from many different disciplines have learned much about the mind-body communication network and how we can use it to activate the body’s own mechanisms for self-repair. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) combined with other energy-based modalities and mindfulness-based techniques can be used to identify, tap into and release the negative thinking patterns and painful emotional states that Lyme disease often triggers. In fact, we now know that ongoing experiences of anxiety, depression, anger and other distressing emotional states lead to chronic stress, a condition that aggravates physical pain and inflammation while overtaxing and suppressing the body’s capacity to heal and restore itself.

Help is available!

I teach simple yet powerful techniques for reducing stress, strengthening resilience and optimizing recovery. Mine is an empathic, client-centered and integrative approach that blends EFT and other energy psychology techniques with current Western therapeutic approaches that include cognitive, psychodynamic, and systems therapy. I also teach mindfulness-based relaxation techniques that help to balance, restore and free the flow of energy needed for healing.

Learn how you can:

  • End the cycle of chronic stress
  • Relieve inflammation and pain
  • Restore the balance and flow of life-force energy
  • Activate your body’s own capacity for self-repair
  • Release limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to healing
  • Maintain a personalized and effective plan for recovery
  • Cultivate a wellness state of mind for multisystem healing

You don’t have to stay stuck in limbo while the “experts” debate the existence and treatment of chronic Lyme disease. Yes, it is complex and challenging, but there is hope. People do recover. I did, and this is what I want for you!

As implausible as it may seem, the journey through Lyme can be one of profound self-discovery and transformation. For many people, it is an opportunity to accept, embrace and live as their true, authentic selves, freed from the limiting beliefs and false expectations that can keep us all from living the lives we desire.

Supporting you on your journey to recovery and wellness is my joy, honor, and privilege.

Anita Bains, MS, RN

Anita Bains (licensed and certified advanced practice registered nurse) is a dynamic, creative and client-centered psychotherapist who uses a unique and holistic approach that incorporates alternative and complementary therapies.

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