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Anita Bains (licensed and certified advanced practice registered nurse) is a dynamic, creative and client centered psychotherapist who uses a unique and holistic approach that incorporates alternative and complementary therapies.

Ever on the cutting edge of research and practice, Anita brings to her work new and profound insights emerging from quantum physics that explain how we can generate meaningful shifts in consciousness that allow us to move beyond the limits we place on ourselves into a world of new possibilities.

In private practice since 1990, Anita engages her clients in a positive process of personal transformation. She studied with leading authorities in the field of integrative health and formerly served as the president of Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses of Maryland. She was also the American Psychiatric Nurses Association state representative to the Congress on Advanced Practice in Psychiatric Nursing.

Anita was a researcher for the Soul Medicine Institute’s Iraq Vets Stress Project led by Dawson Church, PhD. This research project tested the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to reduce combat related stress in veterans. The results showed statistically significant decreases in symptoms associated with combat related trauma. Anita has presented these findings at a number of congressional meetings and in discussions with military personnel.

In June, 2009 Anita was a presenter at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she spoke to Chinese medical students about the power of energy psychology to effectively engage the body’s innate ability to heal. In 2005, Anita was among an outstanding group of presenters for the Living Mastery Seminars that included Bruce Lipton, renowned cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief. Anita is also an invited speaker at local universities and community groups.

Skilled in complementary techniques, Anita works with her clients in a gentle and encouraging manner to help them develop new perspectives and to resolve past and present issues related to trauma, loss, depression and anxiety.

As subconscious limiting beliefs are released, emotional stress is reduced, strengthening the body’s own natural capacity for healing. New insights and perspectives arise easily as the mind clears and tension decreases.

Anita’s philosophy is that though clients may feel broken, none of us are broken. Using the tools and techniques Anita provides, clients discover that they have the ability to attain the health and well-being they desire.

With a commitment to continued personal and professional growth, Anita is passionate about learning new skills that she shares with her clients.

Anita lives in Maryland and has a thriving practice with offices in Towson, and Bethesda. She is available for psychotherapy, as well as for presentations to professional and community groups.