Cultivating A Wellness State Of Mind

Did you know that our thoughts and emotions have as strong an impact on the body as any food, drug or supplement a person could consume? It’s true! This is why uncovering and healing unresolved core beliefs at the root of negative thinking patterns and emotional suffering are so critical to our wellbeing.

If we want to be well and happy, it’s essential that we identify and release the core beliefs that cause us distress and interfere with our wellbeing. Some of the most common core beliefs at the root of unhappiness and illness in our lives are:

  • I’m not lovable.
  • I’m not acceptable.
  • I’m not enough.

Such limiting core beliefs can wreak real havoc in our lives and greatly limit our potential. Learn more →

As an experienced licensed psychotherapist and EFT expert, I can teach you straightforward, effective techniques for cultivating a wellness state of mind that will help you to:

  • Enhance your immune functioning
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Experience improved health
  • Achieve greater success
  • Establish wellness for life

Experience the Seven Dimensions of Wellness: Learn how you can tap into your own personal resources for achieving the wellbeing, peace of mind and prosperity you are meant to have.

The Lyme Disease Workbook

I work with clients in person, by phone or Skype using a client-centered, integrative and comprehensive approach that effectively helps people to recover from:

  • Chronic illnesses including Lyme disease
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Addiction
  • Grief & Loss

Learn too how you can:

  • Improve relationships
  • Increase your prosperity
  • Clarify and achieve goals
  • Navigate through life transitions

When we question our value and our place in the world, we become vulnerable to such painful emotional states as fear, anger, and depression. Left unchecked, these states can deepen. The result is further emotional pain and patterns of negative thinking that lead to chronic stress.

We now know that chronic stress is highly correlated with:

  • Immune system suppression and dysfunction
  • Endocrine system fatigue
  • Toxic overproduction of stress hormones

When we believe we have value and are secure in ourselves and our place in the world, we develop thinking patterns that promote our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. We then act for our good and the good of others. Life then becomes an opportunity for sharing our gifts, fulfilling our purpose and living our dreams.

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Anita Bains, MS, RN

Anita Bains (licensed and certified advanced practice registered nurse) is a dynamic, creative and client-centered psychotherapist who uses a unique and holistic approach that incorporates alternative and complementary therapies.

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