Anita In The Media


Listen to Anita on Two Modern Mystics with Dawn Fleming and Linda Roebuck — February, 2015

Join Two Modern Mystics and guest Anita Bains as they offer you ways to have Freedom from Fear. As we know, fear keeps us from living a life filled with joy, peace and adventure. Fear holds us in a stress-filled body and mind and locks us into a life scared of what is to come. Listen in as we offer you a vareity of techniques to diminish the hold that fear has and to find freedom.

Anita on Tapping Insider’s Club with Kris Ferraro — October, 2014

Listen to Anita’s interview with Kris Ferraro, host of Tapping Insider’s Club, on The Missing Link in Lyme/TBD (Tick-Borne Diseases) Recovery.

Kris Ferraro is a writer, speaker, spiritual teacher, EFT and prayer practitioner. She has spent 25 years exploring diverse spiritual and energetic practices to create lasting change. In addition to her private coaching practice, workshops, and tapping circles, she interviews EFT experts as the host of Tapping Insiders Club. She can be found at

Women & Money – Why the challenges?

MyCity4HerRadio — Fri, February 8, 2013

Join us for a lively and candid conversation of particular interest to women in business as we talk to expert therapist Anita Bains.

We’ll delve into the nuances, misconceptions and facts about the interesting, challenging and at times conflicting relationship that women have with money. Making it – keeping it – spending it and giving it away.

We’ll cover all of that and more as host Monyka Berrocosa (MyCity4her Media) talks candidly with Anita to find out what it is when it comes to money that holds many women back.